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Our Facilities

We are a private apparatus-based studio located in Harleysville, PA.  The studio is comprised of top-of the line professional Pilates equipment, which can assist you in meeting your exercise goals.  All of the apparatus in our studio were original creations of Joseph Pilates, the father of Pilates.  Most, but not all of the apparatus he invented use spring-based resistance to aid in muscle strength, length, and flexibility.



The reformer is often referred to as the universal reformer. Working on the reformer aids in proper body alignment from your head to your toes.  

Electric Chair


With a small surface area on the top and strong springs, the chair is an apparatus that challenges the body from the professional athlete to the non-athlete.   




An original creation of Joseph Pilates, the Cadillac is a piece of equipment like no other.  With an upholstered surface, leg springs, arm springs, a trapeze, push-through bar, roll-back bar, and sheepskin hanging loops, the repertoire of exercises is endless.  Whether you have a tight low back, weak abdominals, or a tight chest, the Cadillac provides a unique opportunity to focus in on your individual needs.

Ladder Barrel


Another original creation of Joseph Pilates!   The Ladder Barrel is designed to enhance flexibility,while simultaneously developing a strong core.  The repertoire of exercises performed on the Ladder Barrel strengthen and stretch the entire body.  

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